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buying a home in Leavenworth WaQuick Tips for Buying a Home

Are you interested in buying real estate in Leavenworth, Washington? Before you start your search, go over our quick tips for buyers!

Make sure you can commit. 

Buying a house is a big commitment and you should be able to stay in the same place for at least a few years. Otherwise, you would be losing money if you sell any sooner. When you start searching for a home, make sure you find the perfect fit for you. Take into account the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the commute time, local schools, and any other information that might be important to you or your family.

Figure out which neighborhood is right for you.

Leavenworth is a small-town brimming with adventure, art, and European flair. People are drawn to the Bavarian style architecture, and the history captured here. Before you buy, it’s important to determine where you fit in. Ask yourself, do you want to be in the heart of the Bavarian Village? Or are you drawn to the alpines and wish to settle among the mountains? If you’re searching for the easy access to the city, consider browsing some of favorite attractions such as Visconti’s Italian Restaurant. Take time to consider tourist season, as well as the general proximity to Steven’s Pass and the Leavenworth Ski Hill. Are you a Nordic master looking for easy access to the mountain? Or are you there to enjoy the annual Christmas lighting as you stroll through town? Determine your goals, and start searching the listings today.

Clean up your credit.

Before you start house hunting, be sure your credit score is accurate. Go over your credit report to make sure there are no errors. Also, avoid making any major purchases and avoid acquiring any debt.

Make a budget.

Go through your income, debt, and expenses to see where your finances are. You’ll want to know what your price range is before you dive too far into the featured Leavenworth listings. There are many helpful calculators on the web that can help you find your price range. Getting pre-approved is also a great step. The general rule for finding a price range is to take your annual salary and multiply that by two- and one-half times.

Research before bidding.

Before you make your opening bid, do a bit of research to see what nearby homes are selling for. Are homes selling above or below asking price, and by how much? Make your offer bid off of the information you find. You can also refer to our expert Leavenworth realtors. We keep up on local trends and will ensure that you submit a reasonable price.


Before buying, you will want to make sure you get a home inspection. This step is very important. You’ll know exactly what condition a home is in and if there are any major repairs that need to happen. If the inspector finds anything wrong with a home, you can give the seller a “Request for Repair” and more than likely, the seller will go through with the repair. These inspections are not just critical, they are needed to get your home loan too.

Pick the right agent. 

Hiring the right agent is very valuable when buying a home. Pick an agent you trust to represent you. Make sure they understand your needs and wants in a home and have access to a variety of Leavenworth Real Estate Listings. Our humble team of brokers have the experience and expertise needed in the market and are eager to assist you.

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buying a home in Leavenworth Wa